Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here is the first step.. You have to get Basic life support ceertificate. which wil be given by Saudi Heart Association & is the must certification for all health care providers to get licence to practice in KSA.
     So, to register for BLS 
  • Go to 
  • Click on register (which is below log in box on the right side & register urself.) Once you've registered 
  • Navigate to Course catalog menu in the portal where you find all the available courses. 
  • Click on the course you want to attend (BLS) then click on Published training programs. 
  • Choose the center name then click on search. new list will appear showing all the available courses in your center from which u should choose the course, the language & the date. 
  • Then click register. accept the terms & conditions. The course will be shown under my courses in the portal.
                   Then you will wait for the approval from your training center or meet the training cordinator. once your registration is approved by the training center you can make payment by cash. remember you have to pay the fee within 3 days of registraion & 1 week before the course. 
                   Its all done.. go to the training center on the day you selected at 8Am. Practice & Perform BLS well & get certified! Here we finish the first step. Congratulations..


  1. can i do BLS from pakistan ?and show that certificate to get license?i have passed prometric exam n just want to get license now..or i must have to do in saudia..

  2. before d day f exam have to finish from whr i wil get information regarding this exam.

  3. how can i print my certificate if i have the user name and password

  4. can we do BLS on line from AMERICAN CPR ASSOCIATION