Thursday, August 2, 2012

Testing in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

dear friends,
go to this web address to get details.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Now you can submitt copy of the result sheet from the prometric center to your CME office or SCHS branch with all the copies of your certificates & the form filled completely to proceed with your licence.
You wil get your lince certificate & card which is handy within 1-2 months.
 Now you are a licenced practitioner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..! Congratualtions..!!
All the best for your future.!
If you have any quiries you can us whenever & wherever you are..!
We are glad to help you as much as we can..!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Prometric exam/Saudi licencing exam

Second step..
if you have taken prometric exam in your country & passed the saudi licencing exam:
 Meet your Contuing medical/ Nursing Education (CME/CNE) co-ordinator to get the application form for applying for Saudi commission Licence. fill ur form & take a draft from the bank in the name of saudi commission for health specialties according to your proffession in any branch of NCB(natinal commertial bank). attach all copies (front & back) of ur certificates/credentials which is attested from your country. & submitt to the CNE office or to the SCHS Branch in your region.
wait for the response from SCHS for further process.. which wil take 1-2months.

if you have not taken prometric exam in your country:
you have to do the same as before but need to wait for the responce from the SCHS to give you eligibility number to write the prometric exam.which wil take about 1 month.
once you get the eligibility no.

  • visit & select Saudi commission for health specialities in the first navigation bar on the leftside of the portal.
  • you will be navigated into information page click on start button there. then select saudi commission for health specialities- KSA. Contry-SAudi arabia & click submit. 
  • you will get into a page where you schedule an appointment. click on schedule an appointment there you wil get information review page.. 
  • click on NEXT. then click on I agree button & click NEXT. 
  • there you need to fill your eligibility no & first 4 letters of last name. but don't worry if your 4letters of last name is not correct.. because sometimes they don't put all 4 letters.. they would have put only a dot(.) or just the initial letter or two. so don't get dissoppointed if u r not navigated to next page in the first attempt. try somethings like only a dot or one or two letter of your last name etc. 
  • once you get navigated to next page u have some of your details already filled like name date of birth etc. & need to fill some details like address, iquama no. & e-mail address. & submit.
  •  then it will ask you select the center for exam. (you can select which is near to you or you can ask your seniors or CME coordinator for the exam center name.) 
  • once you select the exam centre it wil show you the callender to select date in 3 months( try to select within a month because if u fail for the first time u'l have one more chance to write within 3 months from the day you got your eligibility no. & you will get time to prepare youself for next attempt)
  •  once you select the date, you need to select time in the right side confirm your date & time you will be asked for payment details. 
  • To do payment you need credit card. once you complete payment details you 'l get confirmed date & time of your exam & can mail that page to your email or take a printout.Because you need to show your appointment paper in exam center. & dont forget to take your iquama or passport with you to proove your identity on the day of Exam. Take some money too, Because you need to pay some amount (50Sr in KSA) in the exam center.

your picture will be taken before you enter the examination room.exam will be for 2 hours. & if you finish within that time you cal your exam center cordinator & ask to finish or you can do it yourself if u r confident. & you will get result on the screen!! hurrey..! you are pass!! you will get your result sheet in 5 minutes..!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here is the first step.. You have to get Basic life support ceertificate. which wil be given by Saudi Heart Association & is the must certification for all health care providers to get licence to practice in KSA.
     So, to register for BLS 
  • Go to 
  • Click on register (which is below log in box on the right side & register urself.) Once you've registered 
  • Navigate to Course catalog menu in the portal where you find all the available courses. 
  • Click on the course you want to attend (BLS) then click on Published training programs. 
  • Choose the center name then click on search. new list will appear showing all the available courses in your center from which u should choose the course, the language & the date. 
  • Then click register. accept the terms & conditions. The course will be shown under my courses in the portal.
                   Then you will wait for the approval from your training center or meet the training cordinator. once your registration is approved by the training center you can make payment by cash. remember you have to pay the fee within 3 days of registraion & 1 week before the course. 
                   Its all done.. go to the training center on the day you selected at 8Am. Practice & Perform BLS well & get certified! Here we finish the first step. Congratulations..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saudi job/visa

hi friends.. here is the procedure to get Saudi commission licence for health care proffessionals..! There are two methods to get the licence.
Option-1- check for the interviews in your country for Saudi & attend. If you get selected most of the time your agents will be doing all the process like getting job offer letter which is attested by Saudi Chamber of commerce & Ministry of foriegn Affairs(MOFA) & attesting your certificates from the Saudi Embassy, Culture & ministry of Foriegn affairs in India. once u've your certificates ateested from all these & u get Job offer letter u must do ur medicals..! & if you pass through this.. ur visa is stamped & U R Ready to fly... once ur ticket is ready!
option 2-you know someone in Saudi & they can find u a job in private clinic. make sure private clinic can give you visa & that has your proffession writte on it. Ask them to send Job offer letter which is attested by MOFA & Saudi Chamber of Commerce. scanned copy may be enough or u can ask them to send by post.
once u got ur visa u need to give that to any travell agency or to the agency which is written on the visa copy with ur passport copy and get MOFA no. once u get mofa no u can go for medicals. if u pass through medicals u can get visa stamped on ur passport! & ready to fly..! once you get the job offer letter,dont forget to get attestation of your certificates  with Saudi embassy, culture & ministry of forieagn affairs in your country.
congradulations!! U R in Saudi! takes time to get settled in new palce where u have been assisgned..! but still u have nt completed all the procedure to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... still more to go..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An overview of licensure exam

       Let us put in simple terms, we are all competent professionals who choose to work in the kingdom,but when it comes to write the exam we are always short of confidence predominantly due to lack of necessary information.

     As foreign professionals this lack of vital information at the right time always enhances anxiety. 

       The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) is a scientific body with headquarters located in Riyadh. The SCHS has helped to establish modern, state-of-the-art healthcare institutions and has succeeded in attracting a well-qualified, diversified spectrum of  personnel. With these recognized and accredited facilities, the Saudi physician can pursue training in all different medical specialties. Cognizant of the importance of an independent Saudi body that can prepare and supervise training programs and assesses trainees, the SCHS is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions.

     The commission aims at upgrading professional performance, developing skills that enrich scientific literature, and properly apply knowledge in the various fields of health specialties. Some functions include approving and supervising profession health specialist programs; accrediting health institutions that provide training; supervising specialty exams and validating their results; certifying qualified professionals; encouraging health research and publication; holding  conferences and symposia for the region's health community; and setting criteria for practicing health professionals.

    Thus SCHS conducts exam for professionals who wish to practice in the kingdom.Needless to say its mandatory again. Nature & content of examination will be our next post. Bye for now.

TIP: Dont be apprehensive the exams will be held in standard format.